What the kids are saying!

"Dear Yo-Yo Man, I like your tricks, you are good, you're cool!"

~Steve, 2nd grade

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Les Lass in actionWelcome to yoyoempire.com home of Around the World Yo-Yo Entertainment and the “School is Cool” assembly program. Our assembly program is a fun, exciting, educational, inter-active, inspiring show with a great message for students.

Established in 1999, Around the World Yo-Yo Entertainment Company has presented the "School is Cool" assembly program to more than 2,000,000 students at over 5,000 schools, camps and special events all over the United States.

Our interactive shows are filled with humor, world class yo-yo tricks and even magic! Our Yo–Yo Professionals amaze, entertain, and motivate young and old alike, with a positive, upbeat and exciting program. Not only are our speakers great with the yo-yo, they are also successful and experienced communicators. They will take your students on an amazing journey as they use the yo-yo and other fun activities to communicate our “School is Cool” message. By the end of the show students will have done some math, learned how the brain works, heard the “School is Cool” message and be amazed at how many new things they learn at school every day.
And best of all… there is no charge to your school!

See what administrators are saying about the "School is Cool" assembly program.

How can there be no charge to your school? All we ask is that we can leave some yo-yos at your school following the assembly for students to purchase if they would like. (There are no minimum sales required). It is a great way for your school to have this exciting assembly at no cost.

Our way of saying thank you! We will donate 10% of the total yo-yo sales back to your school as our way of saying thank you and investing back into your school and your students.

Our schedule is limited so please
contact us today so the “School is Cool” assembly can be at your school.



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