What the kids are saying!

"Your show was great and funny. I've never seen someone do all those tricks. My whole class had one thing to say, WOW! Thank you for coming to our school. It was fun!"

~Justin, 4th grade

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"School is Cool" Assembly Outline

Story: Yo the yo-yo decides to get a job. Each job deals with a school subject. Yo-yo tricks are demonstrated as the story progresses.

  • Computers – technology
  • Rides a motorcycle to Wall Street – geography
  • Wall Street – math (interaction with students in addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc…)
  • Firefighter - strong>physical education
  • Pilot – science (aerodynamics and navigation)
The story ends with Yo talking to his teacher about the importance of education and staying in school.

Why School is Cool: Does many yo-yo tricks and talks about why school is cool.
  1. School is Cool - because we learn
    • Discusses the science of the brain and how the brain works.
    • Uses a magic trick naming different school subjects and how the brain turns those subjects into intelligence.

  2. School is Cool - because we listen.
    • Talks about the importance of listening to the great people in your life: parents, teachers and grandparents.
    • Has an excellent anti-drug message in this section.

  3. School is Cool - because we laugh.
    • Students come up front while doing some very fun yo-yo tricks.
    • Emphasizes that school is a very fun place.
    • Performs a magic trick.
    • Teaches some basics about the yo-yo.
    • Mentions yo-yos will be available at school if students would like to buy one.

  4. School is cool - because we make lasting friendships.
    • Talks about the importance of treating people with fairness and kindness (character emphasis).

Closing: Thanks the students for coming and emphasizes we are there to support their teachers and staff. They are great people who will help students learn and excel.

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