What the kids are saying!

"Dear John Fox, you are so cool! I rily! rily!! rily!!! rily!!!! want you to com agen. You did rily cool trics. Sensurely

~Dane Goff

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What administrators are saying

"Dear Mr.Fox with Around the World Yo-Yo Entertainment,

Thank you for your recent visit to Skyview. Your performance was outstanding. The "School is Cool" assembly took our students on a learning journey that was educational and fun. The yo-yo tricks captured their attention and the stories that were told reminded them of the importance of school. I would recommend this program to all elementary and secondary schools.

The yo-yo sales have gone very well. Skyview Student Council has successfully been selling them all week. The ten-percent that is given back to our school will be helpful in purchasing needed materials. We were pleased to receive a free program that was very entertaining while making a profit as well. Once again, thank you and we hope that you will return to our school in the future.

Tara Peters, Assistant Principal
Skyview Elementary
Yukon, Oklahoma
“To Whom It May Concern,

Today, Mr. John Fox gave two performances to the second and third grades at Southside East Elementary School. He addressed approximately 550 students. Of course, the students were awed by the yoyo demonstrations; however, the message he gave to them about the importance of staying in school and listening to their teachers and parents was especially well presented to the students. I want to commend Around the World Yoyo Entertainment Company for a very good “School is Cool” program. Please thank Mr. Fox for being so professional and entertaining in his presentation.

I would recommend this educational program to other schools wanting a character building, no drugs and alcohol program, for elementary school age children. Mr. Fox was sensitive to the laws and cultural do’s and do not’s of the language to be used with young children. This was a very professionally presented program. Thank you so much for coming to Southside East Elementary.”

Pat Hastings,Ed.D.
Principal Southside East Elementary
Siloam Springs, Arkansas
“Dear Mr Fox,

Thank you so very much for an extremely successful and fun assembly. Our students and staff have raved for a week about your presentation at our school and many have asked if you will return next year!

As the Assembly Coordinator I would like to express my appreciation for your professionalism and the organization with which you run your program; it was both delightful and effortless to offer your assembly.

I look forward to contacting you in the future for a repeat performance. In the meantime, please accept my thanks for a job very well done.”

Paula Barker, Assembly Coordinator
Wilson Elementary School
Corvallis, Oregon
"Dear Mr. Fox,
Thank you for participating in the Yo-yo assembly at Mauriceville Elementary. All 700 students and faculty had a great time!!!

Your comments and entertainment in the assemblies showed that you have a deep understanding of the needs of students...the importance of listening, learning and having fun at school. Everyone who has spoken to me was equally impressed.

The yo-yo sale went great and, being the disciplinarian on the campus, I have to say the problems with yo-yos for one week at school was minimal. The teachers commented on what a great job you did explaining the rules and keeping them entertained. The assembly was fast-paced, educational and inter-active. GREAT JOB!"

Babs Foster
Administrative Intern
Mauriceville Elementary
Orange, Texas
"To Whom It May Concern,

This fall, John Fox of Around the World Yo-Yo Entertainment, blessed our school with a presentation of the "School is Cool" yo-yo assembly. As promised, the performance was energetic, fast-paced and entertaining. In addition, John's message was very informative and inspirational.

We had all of our first through eighth grade students attend the assembly. John held the attention of each age group with his stories, tricks, and student participation. Every student was actively engaged for the entire forty-five minutes, as were the teachers and even the parents who joined us.

The assembly lived up to every expectation, and left each student with a positive message about the value of learning, hard work, and diligence. John's ability to communicate these, while weaving in the concept of God as our Creator and the Giver of our intellect, is exceptional. I highly recommend this program to any school as a spark to encourage your student body in the love of learning.

Terry Roehl
Elementary Principal/Activities Director
Grace Christian School
Medford, Oregon


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